The Rick Eldred Page
The following pages are of Rick Eldred's
collection of USS Thorn memorabilia
and other personal photos.
Rick Eldred today at home in Vermont  
Rick served in the navy for a ten year period. he
served on board the USS Thorn DD988,
USS Ainsworth, FF-10??, and the USS Puget Sound
AD38. Rick attained the rank of Boatswains Mate
First Class.

Right: All Rick's awards and commendations that he
recieved  during his time in service.
Above: BM3 Steven Augie and SA
Frank Wright on liberty.
Above: BM2 John McGee with a
rare smile (thats right crew, this is
Johns "smile")
Above: Rick Eldred, Eddie Moya,
and Mike Ross  picture taken in
barracks, Norfolk, VA   
Precommissioning winter of 1979.
Above L-R: Hiram Gonzalez, David Perez, "Rasheed" Peacock
"high five", Eddie Moya, Terrel Guillory, Acevido.
Above: BM2 Mike Bell on shore
Above: MSSN McGowan
Above: BM3 Paul Henry Import
Above: Fireman Bernarz rubbing
two sticks to start a fire?
Above: BMSN "Rasheed" Peacock
(not so happy) over the side.
Above L-R: BM3 Slavings, BM3
Lamarque, and somebody's "bird
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Below L-R: BM3 Lamarque, OSSN
Michael J. McMasters, STSA Holst
Below L-R: BM3 Woods, BM3
Beuperlant and (if memory serves
me right) SN Joe Tallman.
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