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Thorn DD-988 Decomissioning Photos
Builder:          Litton Ingalls, Pascagoula Miss.
Laid Down:        August 29 1977
Launched:         November 22 1978
Commissioned:     February 16 1980
Decommissioned:   08/25/04
Stricken from the Navy registry
Fate: For disposal (Naval Target, Scrapping, Foreign sale)?
Left: pictured from
L-R as follows,
Rick Eldred (back
towards camera),
John Curtiss behind
Eddie Moya ( in
sunglasses, Paul
Henry ( In striped
shirt) with Chief
Fredrick Burns on
his left (ready to
draw guns)

Right: Pictured from
L-R Rick Eldred,
Paul Henry, Joe
Tallman( with
bino's), and Chief  
Fredrick Burns.       
Left: Pictured L-R Eddie Moya in front
of John Curtiss, Paul Henry, Chief
Fredrick Burns and Rick Eldred.
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